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Do You Really Want a Deep Tissue Massage?

Do You Really Want a Deep Tissue Massage?

Emily Allison

Many first-time clients and even many clients who have had a massage before come in to Elements Massage Franklin thinking that they want a “deep tissue massage.” However, what often happens is that a few minutes into their massage, they realize that a “deep tissue massage” is not at all what they were looking for! So why does this happen?


For whatever reason, colloquially, the words “deep tissue massage” have become synonymous or interchangeable with just a hard, firm massage. Thus, people think that they need to ask for a deep tissue massage, otherwise their massage will be too soft and not firm enough to be effective.


But in the massage world, a deep tissue massage is something very specific. Technically speaking, a deep tissue massage is a type of firm massage that focuses specifically on knots, pressure areas, and trigger points. Everyone’s body is different, so during a deep tissue massage the massage therapist will first do an assessment of the body and find out where the knots and problem areas are. They will then focus the rest of their massage on alleviating and smoothing those areas—which can actually be painful and leave the recipient of the massage sore for a few days. The reason is that these knots or adhesions have often been building up for months or even years, so getting rid of them requires going deep into the muscles and sometimes enduring a little bit of pain. The end result is completely worthwhile—but many people do not know that this is what they are asking for when they ask for a deep tissue massage!


If that is what you need—targeted, pressurized attention to specific areas where you have had painful knots or tendons—then a deep tissue massage may be perfect for you. But if what you are looking for is just an all-over massage that is harder or firmer, your therapist will be happy to adjust the pressure to your preferences—and asking for a “deep tissue massage” may give you more than you bargained for.


The best way to determine what type of massage is best for you is to speak to your massage therapist and let them know what has been bothering you, what kind of problems you are looking to address, and what your goals are for your massage. Do you want to work out a particularly sore area? Relax from a stressful week? No matter what your goals, your therapist can help you determine the best way to achieve them and work together to determine a plan.


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