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Dispelling Common Myths About Massage Therapy

Dispelling Common Myths About Massage Therapy

Emily Allison

Dispelling Common Myths About Massage Therapy

Although massage therapy is a relatively mainstream practice in this day and age, there are still quite a few oft-repeated myths floating around that many people believe without a second thought, and that can tend to give massage a bit of a bad name. Here are a few of the most common ones, and how to dispel them!

- “Massage is just for pampering or relaxing.” False! Massage can be a great way to treat yourself or improve relaxation, but in reality it is so much more than that. Massage has a huge variety of health benefits, from improved circulation to shortened injury recovery time, and is a legitimate medical treatment for an array of maladies.

- “It is only effective if it hurts.” False! Of course, there is always the chance of there being a certain amount of pressure or discomfort if your therapist is trying to work out tension and muscle knots, but a massage should never be agonizingly painful, and the efficacy of a massage is not related in any way to how much it hurts during or after. On that note, if your massage begins to be extremely painful in the middle of it, please do let your therapist know! He or she can always adjust the pressure and focus of your massage—no one expects you to suffer.

- “Massage is expensive because of how often you have to do it.” False! While we do recommend that people get massages as often as they are financially able to do so, you do not have to constantly be getting massages in order to receive many of the healing and relaxation benefits of massage. Plus, Elements Massage Franklin offers a money-saving Wellness Program that allows members to receive regular discounts on massages, making them even more affordable.

- “Massage is only for athletes/certain people.” False! Massage is not just for elite athletes—it is for everyone. From the Olympic athlete to the pregnant mother, there are different types of massages than can benefit nearly everyone.

- “All massages are created equal.” False! There are actually a huge variety of different types of massages, and some of them work better for certain purposes than others (prenatal vs. sports, etc.). Not only that, but not all states and individual massage therapy organizations hold their therapists to the same educational and experiential standards. Elements Massage Franklin holds our therapists to the highest standards available, and we customize each and every massage to the individual—no “one size fits all” approach.

To learn more about the truth about massage therapy or to schedule a massage today, call Elements Massage Franklin. Call (615) 771-0003 to speak to one of our qualified therapists, or visit for more information.

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