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Meet Our Massage Therapists in Dublin, OH

At Elements Massage Dublin, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Alanna | Licensed Massage Therapist

Education- Knox County Career Center

Places Lived- Utica, Oh, Martinsburg OH, Mount Vernon, OH, Butler, OH.

Places Traveled- Pennslyvania, Chicago Illinois, North Carolina

My Dream Vacation- Paris and Bora Bora

Favorite Massage Modalities-...

Alisha | Licensed Massage Therapist

Alisha- Licensed Massage Therapist


Education: Heritage College

Places traveled: Columbus, Ohio

Places traveled: Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, California, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Illinios.

My dream...

Charlie | Licensed Massage Therapist

Education- Ohio State, B.A and M.A. Massage Away School of Therapy.

Placed lived- Toledo, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio

Places Traveled- England, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico. 

My dream vacation- Alaskan Cruise

Favorite Massage Modalities- Deep...

Cody | Licensed Massage Therapist

Eduation- Daymar College Medical Massage Therapy

Places Lived- Lancaster, Athens, Millersport

Placed Traveled- Upstate Newyork, Florida, Canada, Boston

Dream Vacation- Greece 

Favorite Massage Modalities- Sports Massage, reflexology,...

Dana | Licensed Massage Therapist

Places Lived: Ohio

Favorite Massage Modalities: Deep Tissue

Philosophy on Healing: Once stress, emotions and patterns are removed from the body, it heals itself

In my other life (before I found massage therapy) I was…. Just working

Haley | Licensed Massage Therapist

Haley- Licensed Massage Therapist

Education- Heritage College

Places Lived -Ohio

Places traveled- Florida and South Carolina

My dream vacation- Italy, to see all the art

Favorite massage modalities- Reiki, prenatal and...

Ian | Licensed Massage Therapist

Education- Miller-Motte College, Santa Fe Community College 

Places Lived- Tennessee, New Mexico and New Zealand

Dream Vacation- Ibizal 

Favorite Massage Modalities- Swedish, Relaxation and Aroma therapy

Philosophy on Healing- Healing is a...

Larry | Licensed Massage Therapist

Education - The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College

Places Lived- Columbus, Ohio

Places Traveled- Most of the states on the Eastern side of the U.S

Dream Vacation- My dream vacation would definitely be to go to South...

Meagan | Licensed Massage Therapist

Education: American Institute of Alternative Medicine, Miami University, B.S in Kinesiology and health.

Places Lived: Dublin, Oh

Places Traveled: Florida, Maine

Dream Vacation: Bahamas

Favorite Massage Modalities: Swedish, NMT

In my...

Morgan | Licensed Massage Therapist

Morgan- Licensed Massage Therapist


Education: Heritage College

Places Lived: Columbus, Ohio

Places Traveled: East coast and France

My dream vacation: African Safari or scuba diving. Any place I can see animals in their natural...

Tom | Licensed Massage Therapist

Where did you receive your eduation- Miller-Motte Technical College in Clarkesville, TN

How long have you been a therapist- 4 1/2 years

What modalities are you most skilled in performing- Deep tissue, Trigger point therapy and relaxation