Did you know that you may be eligible to use your Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to pay for your massage therapy?

With therapeutic massage being more widely accepted as a legitimate medical service by many insurance carriers, clients who have FSA and HSA credit or debit cards may use these to cover the expense of their health-related massage treatments. While most health plans clearly outline eligible medical expenses, we recommend the following steps to ensure approved coverage.

  1. Ask your healthcare practitioner to write a prescription for your therapeutic massage care that provides the following information:

    • Reason for medical necessity (example: ‘back pain’)

    • The number of treatments OR recommended frequency and duration (example: ‘minimum 2 sessions per month for 12 months’)

    • The modality (Massage Therapy, Manual Therapy, etc.)

    • The diagnosis code

  2. Request an itemized receipt from our office for your therapeutic massage services. We will provide a customized receipt to support your claim for coverage or reimbursement under your health plan's FSA/HSA and include any therapist treatment notes, if necessary.


While Elements Massage in Coral Springs does not accept insurance cards, bill insurance companies directly or process insurance claims, we will support your efforts to seek affordable, health-related massage treatment to keep you healthy and feeling your best. 

For more information, please send your inquiry to coralsprings@elementsmassage.com.

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