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Why You Should Add Regular Massage to Your Routine

Why You Should Add Regular Massage to Your Routine

Elements Massage Chandler Village


While massage makes a nice gift for a special occasion or is oftentimes considered an indulgence or treat after a particularly hectic period of work/life, treatments received at regular intervals actually offer the most benefits to your health.

At Elements Massage in Chandler Village we believe like exercise, massage therapy works best when it happens routinely to maintain your general health. Your body tries to maintain optimum health through proper nutrition, frequent exercise, and quality sleep. Massage functions similar to these basic needs to relax your muscles, promote circulation, and enable you to release stress so you can feel your best throughout the daily grind of whatever your life brings.

Although the frequency of your massage sessions depends on your health, budget, and needs, the ideal timing is at least one massage every two weeks. When receiving massage at this rate, your body retains muscle memory of the bodywork conducted by your massage therapist, thus allowing for accumulative progress to take place. If you are up against chronic pain or severe injuries, scheduling visits closer together may be recommended or, conversely, if you are feeling really great you may consider spreading out your visits to just once a month.

Several benefits of adding regular massage sessions to your routine are:

Alleviated Pain

Whether back pain, muscle tension or spasms, stiffness, soreness, or chronic headaches, regular massage treatments can aid in stimulating muscles to decrease aches, improve range of motion, and promote endorphin production which is the body’s natural painkiller.

Reduced Stress Levels

Whether to promote mental clarity and increase relaxation or reduce anxiety, the restorative and rejuvenating methods of massage decrease stress levels and allow you to maintain a healthy emotional wellbeing.

Being Healthier

Regular massage treatments are known to lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation and lymph flow, and boost the natural functions of your immune system. 

Feeling Better

Massage can help you center your faculties and feel more balanced and harmonious with your environment. A stronger mind-body connection can aid better posture, higher quality sleep, and encourage deeper breathing for a more well rounded health benefit.

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