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Trigger Point Massage

Trigger Point Massage

Elements Massage Chandler Village

Trigger point massage is a relative newcomer to the world of massage techniques. Dealing with the physiological aspects of your muscles, the philosophy behind trigger point is to provide concentration to specific areas of your body that feel like knots in your muscles or other tender spots. Since muscles account for over fifty percent of your body weight, with the number of muscles topping over 400, it is easy for any one of these muscles to cause you pain or dysfunction by becoming a “trigger point.” Our massage therapists at Elements Massage Chandler Village are trained in this technique.

More Information, In Depth

Healthy muscles should feel soft and pliable. When you have tight knots, balled areas of tension, or bands that run across your muscles, what happens on a microscopic level is that part of your muscle is tightened and contracted while the remainder of the muscle is stretched thin. The thinness is a stressor that is placed on your muscle as it continues to do the work of your whole muscle around this highly contracted area.

There are two types of trigger points:

Active Trigger Points - These types of trigger points can be extremely painful and present symptoms such as tingling, numbness, or burning sensations. Oftentimes caused by an abrupt impact to your muscle, like injury or repetitive use, active trigger points can change into latent trigger points if left alone, unmanaged for a length of time but can continue to cause you issues.

Latent Trigger Points - These types of trigger points are typically accompanied by less searing pain and more restrictive muscle movement or posture distortion. This is partly due to your body compensating for use by looking to alternative muscles groups to do the work as much as possible. Over time, latent trigger points can cause long term problems.

Both of these types of trigger points can cause pain elsewhere in the body. For example, your point of tension may be located in the lower back, however the ache may show up in your neck. This is called referral pain and may be able to explain that the cause of your injury and its manifestation point may not be located at the exact same place.

Massage to the Rescue

With trigger point massage, a massage therapist uses isolated pressure to dig into origin points. They also employ kneading and other applications of pressure and movement on referral points elsewhere on your body. By using thumbs and forefingers to help break up spots of tension, trigger point massage can bring about much needed relief!

Do you carry extra tension in your neck? Shoulders? Lower back? Call Elements Massage in Chandler Village for your trigger point massage and experience relief instead! 480.917.4880

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