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Tricks for Cultivating Your Own Positivity

Tricks for Cultivating Your Own Positivity

Elements Massage Chandler Village

Being a positive person doesn’t come naturally to everyone but did you know that you can trick yourself into becoming a more positive person? By learning how to cultivate different aspects of positivity, you can increase your sense of wellbeing and help teach yourself the many benefits of reacting less negatively to a variety of life’s situations. In turn, this not only helps you navigate around stresses and obstacles more easily but can also empower you live a more enjoyable life. Here’s how you can cultivate your inner positivity and help hush your inner critic:

Become a Realistic Optimist

We aren’t saying that you have to only look at the good side of a situation but we do mean that you can acknowledge both the good and bad in any situation and then actively choose to devote your time, attention, and energy into the more positive channel.

Increase Your Awareness Capacity

We all have a harsh inner critic that loves to criticize our every move. Part of learning how to be more positive is by putting your inner pessimist to bed. This means that as soon as you start negative self-talk, you are aware of it, can let it take a moment of your time, then instead of going down the rabbit hole, move on. When you are more aware of your inner dialog, you are able to help guide yourself through new creative solutions instead of getting caught up and stuck.

Avoiding Categories

Another thing you can do to help increase your positivity is by not labeling your thoughts, feelings, and emotions as either good or bad. Similar to practicing being mindful, try to allow your thoughts to exist as they are without judgment.

Get into Uplifting

Instead of talking negatively about yourself or others, instead put that same energy into more positive discussions. Give more compliments to others and be kinder to yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much better this makes you feel! Also, do things to uplift yourself and develop good habits. Self-nurturing items like getting regular massages, exercising several times a week, and eating healthy are ways you can show yourself that you matter. Regular massages will reduce stress, increase joint flexibility and promote relaxation. Learning how to uplift yourself can go a long way in cultivating a more positive outlook on life.

Seek out Like minded Individuals

There’s no better way to boost your positivity than to surround yourself with positive people. The habits and practices of happier people can be contagious. Instead of seeking out peers that dwell on the negative, look for the happier campers and see how their attitude starts to reflect in your own.

At Elements Massage in Chandler Village we encourage you to use these “tricks” and include a regimen of regular exercise and massage; not only will you increase your positivity, but you will improve your wellbeing too!

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