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Massage Etiquette

Massage Etiquette

Elements Massage Chandler Village

If you’ve never had a massage, or have never had a massage at Elements Massage Chandler Village, then there are always questions that a new client will have.  When should you arrive? Will there be paper work? What do I do if something comes up, and I can no longer make my appointment? Elements Massage at Chandler Village wants to make sure that you arrive at your appointment feeling informed and prepared, so we are going to take this opportunity to answer some of these questions for our future and some of our current customers!

On the day of your massage, please arrive about ten to fifteen minutes earlier than when your appointment is scheduled to start.  This gives you a chance to fill out your paper work, which will ask about problem areas and health goals you have for your massage therapy.  This also helps ensure that your session can begin on time, which is more difficult if you show up at the time you are supposed to be on the table, beginning your relaxing treatment.  If you think you’re running behind – not to worry! Just give us a quick call, so we can inform your therapist.  If something comes up, and you have to cancel your appointment – Elements Massage has a twenty-four hour cancellation policy as a courtesy to the therapists who bring their talents and skills to our studio and who often have very full schedules. 

As fall slowly arrives, so does cold and flu season, which brings with it another set of “etiquette” questions like how long you should wait after being sick to schedule a massage, or if you should cancel one that’s coming up because you’ve been sick.  At Elements, we generally recommend the following time lines: twenty-four hours after a fever and seventy-two hours after the last cold/cough/flu symptoms have passed.  This waiting period is recommended in order to avoid a relapse of symptoms and in order to ensure the maximum therapeutic benefit from your massage session.  As well as ensuring that you will feel better, it also protects our staff and therapists from exposure to potential illness.  Of course, if you have more specific questions, feel free to call us at Elements Massage at Chandler Village.  We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and well informed before you appointment, so you can be relaxed and feel positive about your experience!

Elements Massage at Chandler Village:  480.917.4880

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