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Finding Center

Finding Center

Elements Massage Chandler Village

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, many people are after a sense a balance that helps manage and grounds the day-to-day ebb and flow of regular life. To achieve this inner/outer harmony, discovering where your unique balance lies can help you feel satisfied and accomplished. To harness the power of health and help you create and nurture positive habits that empower you look and feel your best, here are several examples of changes you can incorporate into your lifestyle decisions that can enable you to feel strong and balanced:

Breath Work

Devoting time each day to focus on your breathing is a great way to slow down and pay attention to yourself. When doing breath work like a deep breathing exercise, find somewhere comfortable and concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply while releasing tension in your body. Notice if there’s anywhere that feels tense and tell yourself to let go of the stress.

Channeling Towards Center

By locating your physical center of gravity, usually about two inches below your naval, this can help ground and stabilize your mind and body. You can even place a hand on your core’s center to remind yourself of the balance and control innate in your physicality as you move through space.

Directing Energy

For directing your energy, you should place a hand on your physical center and draw in and out deep breaths while concentrating on corralling your focus, creativity, and strength. Envisioning some type of imagery to help you direct your mental and physical energies towards this pivoting center point is one way to focus on a sense of calmness while promoting your inner confidence.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning how to find your center and making it a practice you can turn to help diffuse stress levels takes a commitment from you. If you do this often, it’s a great way to work through obstacles that life throws you by maintaining a sense of calmness and control. 

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