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Avoiding Common Running Injuries

Avoiding Common Running Injuries

Elements Massage Cave Creek

Nice weather is on the horizon in Arizona and this means more time outdoors doing the things you love. If you are a runner, either just for fun or are in training for your next big race, and love pounding the pavement and taking in the beauty of the desert, you don’t want to miss out. Running, as a high impact activity, often results in injuries. So take note and pay attention to our excellent tips on how you can prevent the most common running injuries:

  • Shin Splints
    Shin splints are a painful condition caused by tiny tears in the muscles surrounding the tibia and fibula bones in your legs. Most often, this painful condition occurs from stress, like the high-impact movement associated with running, or improper form. Doctors often attribute this condition to ill-fitting shoes or lack of warming up and stretching.
  • Runner’s Knee
    This condition results in inflammation right below the kneecap stemming from bad running form or incorrect posture. To avoid this injury, it is important to include strength training for the body’s core muscles in addition to seeking out regular massage sessions to relieve any knots and areas of tension as they arise to avoid damaging your musculoskeletal system.
  • Plantar Fasciitis
    This painful injury occurs in the arch of the foot, located in the ligament that connects the heel to your toes. It can be diminished by properly fitting shoes, good running form, and a great self care routine like regular sports massage sessions after a workout.

This season, don’t let injury prevent you from enjoying what you love. At Elements Massage Cave Creek, we are here to augment your running routine and to help your body and mind recover!

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