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Blog / Wellness

How Massage Therapy Benefits Weight Loss

Feb 1, 2016 Wellness

Millions of Americans will attempt to start their 2016 with a weight loss-focused resolution. Before you tackle your weight loss challenge, have you thought about incorporating regular massage therapy into your fitness plan? We all know that there are many benefits to regular massage therapy, but you might be surprised that massage therapy has many positive benefits for weight...

5 Tips for the Perfect Health and Wellness Resolution Plan

Jan 4, 2016 Wellness

The time has come to reflect on the year that was in 2015 and begin making plans for 2016. It’s officially the time of the season for New Year’s Resolutions. How do you go about making your resolution? Do you think about a couple of things such as lose weight or save money, or is your goal to get a new job?  Before you start throwing around ideas, stop and...

5 Tips: How to be a Good Holiday Gift Giver

Dec 7, 2015 Wellness

We all love the look of a person’s face when they receive the perfect gift. It’s even more satisfying if that look comes from a gift that you gave. You should pat yourself on the back, because holiday gift giving is no easy activity. How often do you end up “settling” for a gift and not getting the person the "perfect" item on their wish list?...

Top 5 Health and Wellness Gift Ideas

Nov 23, 2015 Wellness

By now you are making your list and have started to check it twice, then rewriting and checking again, and so on. Instead of trying to keep up with the hot-new fashion trend, have you thought about getting the gift of health and wellness this year?  If you’re struggling for ideas, here are some health and wellness gift ideas to help you complete your holiday shopping,...

Can massage ease fibromyalgia pain?

Nov 9, 2015 Wellness

With Swedish massage, the practitioner uses a system of long strokes, kneading, and friction techniques. With these, the practitioner massages the more superficial layers of the muscles. The massage is combined with active and passive movements of the joints. Oil is usually used to facilitate the stroking and kneading of the body, thereby stimulating circulation. The massage...

How Massage Can Get your Body Ready for Winter Sports

Nov 2, 2015 Wellness

If you’ve watched any forecasts, there’s talk of some pretty heavy weather coming this winter. If you enjoy winter sports, you’re chomping at the bit for the snow to get here. But ask yourself: Is your body ready? Winter sports can take a toll and cause soreness — especially at the start of the season. Starting your season early with regular massage will...

Massage for Breast Cancer: Helping in the Healing Process

Oct 19, 2015 Wellness

During the month of October, we’re all made aware of the unfortunate fight that millions of people, mostly women, have with Breast Cancer. Did you know that studies have shown that massage can help in the healing process? Improving Quality of Life Massage cannot cure this horrible disease, it is technically not even considered a treatment, but what massage therapy...

Massage the Natural Relief for the Common Cold

Oct 12, 2015 Wellness

We all know the feeling; it starts with a scratch on the back of the throat, then you’re tired, and then you cough. Yep, you’ve got a cold. It's a pretty common feeling around this time of year, between your children bringing germs home from school and the added stress of the season changing — it is a popular time for the common cold to just pop into your...

Is Your Skin Winter Ready? 3 Ways Massage Benefits Dry Skin

Oct 5, 2015 Wellness

There’s no doubt that the cooler temperatures and dry air of winter can play havoc on your skin. Dry, chapped skin isn’t just uncomfortable or painful — it is unhealthy and can form lines and wrinkles. The bottom line is it will make you seem older than you are, and nobody wants that. Prepare your skin with massage therapy so that you can reduce the dryness...

5 Tips for a Relaxing Labor Day

Sep 7, 2015 Wellness

Labor Day, a day marked on many calendars as a well-deserved day off from the grind. Which means it should be considered a day to relax and recharge the batteries, not cram in a weekend on endless activities. Use these tips to ensure a relaxing and stress-free Labor Day.  Connect with Family and Friends  Connecting with family and friends is a stress reliever....

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