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Massage Post-Surgery

Kayla Burnside Dec 26, 2017 Wellness

     While there is never a great time to have surgery, sometimes we have no choice. Whether it is minimally invasive or highly invasive, all of us look forward to getting back into our daily routines, including massages! Your body does a wonderful job at targeting the areas that need to be healed. It starts the process right away from the inside all on its own....

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Massage Therapy

Kayla Burnside Nov 21, 2017 Wellness

As a therapist I know a ton of clients who experience the pain and frustration that comes with carpal tunnel syndrome. You may be asking what that is, do I have it, and how do we fix it? 

Sports Massage - Who is it for?

Kayla Burnside Oct 17, 2017 Wellness

       Since we're in the full swing of football season, I decided to share a little bit of information on Sports Therapy. Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in the soft tissue that are caused by repetitive and strenuous physical activity.

How Massage Helps You Have Your Best Golf Game

Aug 9, 2017 Wellness

The saying goes that the worst day of golf beats the best day of work.  This is a presumably popular sentiment, as golf continues to capture the hearts, minds, and free time of people of all ages, with all skill levels, from hundreds of countries around the world.  For many, there is no better way to enjoy a sunny morning than on the manicured greens (or, possibly,...

Fibromyalgia and Massage

Kayla Burnside Aug 8, 2017 Wellness

Fibromyalgia causes widespread pain throughout the body, with tenderness in joints, muscles, tendons and in soft tissue. Fibromyalgia is not a disease and unfortunately no cure has been found, the pain can be managed though.

What Can Massage Do For Those Suffering With Anxiety And Depression?

Kayla Burnside Jul 6, 2017 Wellness

Anxiety and depression are developed from complex risk factors including: genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events.  Depression isn't your average feeling "down" because of something specific going on in life. Depression is much more of an ongoing sadness for durations of time happening for no apparent reason and often affecting daily activities. Massage can help....


Have You Ever Cut Yourself But It Didn't Bleed?

Bradley Swallows, LMT Feb 18, 2017 Wellness

*Have You Ever Cut Yourself But It Didn't Bleed?* Sometimes when we suffer a mild abrasion that isn't deep enough to bleed we can cut into what is known as our lymphatic system, and a clear fluid can seep out. Our lymphatic system is a lot like your veins. Your veins carry blood throughout your body, whereas your lymphatic system carries what is known as lymph. However...

Can Massage Help Me to Make Decisions?

Nov 27, 2016 Wellness

Are decisions your nemesis?  Are you always the one at the restaurant table still hemming and hawing over your menu, long after everyone else has ordered and the server is standing, poised and pen in hand, waiting for your decision?  Have you lived with various colors of sample paint smears on your wall for months, not being able to commit to one?  Have you still...

What Will You Let Go of This Fall?

Nov 6, 2016 Wellness

Cozy sweaters, fragrant pots of soup simmering in the slow-cooker, thick socks, many cups of hot chocolate or steaming tea – this season has us taking up all the cold-weather habits and supplies we tossed aside during the summer months.  Some fight this arrival of chilly weather as they would a home intruder – “how dare you?  Get out of here! ...

Is Prenatal Massage Really Necessary?

Aug 28, 2016 Wellness

If you, or someone you’re close to, are expecting a child, you are all-too familiar with the dull aches and sharp pains in the feet and back, the swollen limbs, and fatigue that comes with pregnancy.  It sometimes seems that new pregnancy symptoms can develop just as rapidly as the baby growing inside.  Sure, with the added weight to your body, a nice foot rub...

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