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Therapist Thursday

Therapist Thursday

Elements Massage - Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village

How do you make someone who has never had a massage comfortable?


Justin - First ask them why they are seeking out massage. Then explain to them how massage can help them with their particular needs. Ask if there are any questions or concerns they have about massage, and address those things. The last and final thing is to explain to the client how the massage session will go, and ask them to disrobe to their own comfort level based on what areas will need to be worked on. And most of all tell them to RELAX!

Kia - I wil make sure to let the client know what's going to happen before, during, and after the massge. I'll tell them we're a professional studio and we will make them feel safe and comfortable during their visit. I will assure them they'll be properly draped at all times, including when it's time to turn over. Some clients are hesitant to speak up about pressure, so I will let them know it's okay to ask questions or speak up if they'd like more or less pressure. When the session is over, I'll let them know we're done and that they can dress once I leave the room. I also like to remind them to breathe during the massage!

Megan - Cover what's going to happen during the massage, from start to finish. Make sure to ask if they have any questions before I leave the room to let them dress. I let them know they can speak up at any time during the massage, and always make sure to check in with them during the massage to be certain the pressure is okay.

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