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Blog / Wellness

Feed Your Muscles to Promote Healthy Healing

Elements Massage Oct 30, 2014 Wellness

The old saying, “You are what you eat,” doesn’t only apply when you’re looking to shed a few pounds. How you fuel your body is also important to how your muscles respond and recover after a vigorous workout or injury. To promote peak muscle performance and improve the body’s healing process, it may be helpful to evaluate your diet so you’re...

Trigger Point Therapy

Roseline - Massage Therapist Oct 16, 2014 Wellness

A trigger point is a hyperirritable spot, usually within a taut band of skeletal muscle or in the muscle’s fascia (myofascial pain). This spot is painful on compression and can give rise to characteristic referred pain, tenderness and local twitch response. There are trigger points in other tissues also, such as skin, tendons, joint capsules, and ligaments. There are...

Woman Power: Be a Healthy, Happy, Fit Female

Elements Massage Oct 6, 2014 Wellness

If you’re planning on dedicating some time and energy to becoming happier, healthier and more fit this fall, the following three tips from Elements Massage can help you get started on living a life of overall health and wellness. Be the Woman You Want to Be There are a lot of stereotypes and opinions in society around how women should look, act and feel. But, when...

Aging Gracefully: Tips to Keeping Your Mind, Body Young

Elements Massage Sep 29, 2014 Wellness

As you watch your children or grandchildren grow and begin a new grade at school this year, it’s only natural to start thinking of how you’ve aged over the years and what your future holds as you and your family progress in life. To help slow down some of the effects that naturally occur as you age, Elements Massage offers the following tips to keep your mind and...

Lasting Effects: Five Tips to Continue Feeling Great After Your Massage

Elements Massage Sep 19, 2014 Wellness

Receiving a great massage that relaxes your mind, relieves tension from your muscles and rejuvenates your soul can have a lasting effect on your mind and body’s well-being. But, to continue getting the most out of your great massage experience well beyond your session, it can be helpful to adopt some of the following post-massage healthy habits. Tip No. 1: Take Five After...

Massage Targeted to Specific Illnesses

Rachel - Massage Therapist Jul 8, 2014 Wellness

My name is Rachel, a Certified Massage Therapist at Elements Therapeutic Massage in Thousand Oaks, California. In addition to my traditional massage training, I am certified in Massage for those living with Cancer and Massage in the Oncology Setting. I have been trained in applying massage to a wide range of disorders, including MS, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia and scoliosis.I...

Therapist Thursday

Elements Massage - Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village Oct 3, 2013 Wellness

How do you make someone who has never had a massage comfortable? Justin - First ask them why they are seeking out massage. Then explain to them how massage can help them with their particular needs. Ask if there are any questions or concerns they have about massage, and address those things. The last and final thing is to explain to the client how the massage session will...

Therapist Thursday - Can stress be beneficial?

Elements Therapeutic Massage Aug 8, 2013 Wellness

Zoiya – No stress is ever beneficial. In fact, it can be harmful to your health, both physically and mentally. It can cause depression, anxiety, heart attacks, premature aging, and much more. It also increases the production of cortisol, which causes decreased function of your immune system and inflammatory responses in your muscles, causing tension and headaches. Stress...

Therapist Thursday - Do I have to listen to whale calls or flutes during my massage?

Elements Therapeutic Massage Aug 1, 2013 Wellness

Justin – No! Some clients like the relaxing “spa type” music, and others can’t stand it. Whatever makes the client more relaxed and helps them enjoy their massage is fine by me.Megan – Haha, absolutely not! I think it’s great when a client brings in their own music to play during a massage, as long as it’s not too crazy… 80s heavy...

Therapist Thursday - What’s your favorite way to beat the summer heat?

Elements Therapeutic Massage Jul 25, 2013 Wellness

Marsha – A great way to beat the summer heat is the use of peppermint oil. Mix peppermint oil with ice water, soak washcloths in the mixture, and then massage over your skin. It’s cooling and refreshing!Megan – Going to the beach!Justin - The capsaicin oil in chili peppers triggers your body to sweat without raising your body temperature. The evaporation of...

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