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November is Member Appreciation Month at Elements!

Amanda C. Nov 6, 2018 General

  To celebrate, we asked several Elements Members to share their experiences and what they love about receiving massage therapy at Elements.   Megan C. has been getting massages at the Elements Portsmouth, NH studio since 2015.  She decided to come for her first massage because she was experiencing migraines and back pain.  She told us that she kept...

Aging Gracefully: Tips to Keep your Mind, Body Young

Elements Massage Sep 15, 2014 General

Aging Gracefully: Tips to Keeping Your Mind, Body Young Posted: 09/09/2014 As you watch your children or grandchildren grow and begin a new grade at school this year, it’s only natural to start thinking of how you’ve aged over the years and what your future holds as you and your family progress in life. To help slow down some of the effects that naturally...

Sports Massage Integral Training Tool for Ironman Athlete

Elements Massage Jul 25, 2014 General

Sports Massage Integral Training Tool for Ironman Athlete Posted: 07/24/2014 Training for an endurance event at any level or distance can be taxing to both your mind and body. But, when you’re training for an Ironman – one of the longest and hardest endurance events around – you have to use many tools and tactics to not only get through the vigorous...

Massage and Golf

Elements Massage Jul 16, 2014 General

Summer Activity Series: Massage and GolfPosted: 07/15/2014Freshly trimmed fairways, rolling greens and strategically placed water obstructions are key elements to the common outdoor summer playground known as a golf course. Whether you’re an avid athlete or a weekend warrior business executive who’s looking to get some relief from your daily desk jockey job, the low...

Elements Nashua Client Experiences Instant Relief from Neuropathy After One Massage

Elements Massage Jun 27, 2014 General

Elements Nashua Client Experiences Instant Relief from Neuropathy After One MassagePosted: 06/26/2014The long-term benefits of regular massage therapy to promote overall health and well-being are widely recognized and accepted throughout the country and the world. But, the power of just one massage session can drastically improve a person’s physical limitations and mental...

Why Do We Ask For So Much Health Information?

Elements Massage Jun 20, 2014 General

Why Do We Ask For So Much Health Information?Posted: 06/17/2014Getting a massage can make you feel better both physically and emotionally. But a good massage is about more than rubbing a muscle here and there. An effective massage therapy session is about having an open dialogue between you and your therapist so that you can work together to get the results you want and need...

Massage as a Career: What Does It Take to Be a Great Therapist?

Elements Massage Jun 4, 2014 General

Massage as a Career: What Does It Take to Be a Great Therapist?Posted: 06/03/2014As holistic healing becomes more popular in our society and as individuals turn to more rewarding initial and second careers, the massage therapy industry is seeing a solid flow of students, graduates and therapists in the massage field. The American Massage Therapy Association® estimated at...

Five Daily Tips to Thrive Therapeutically

Elements Massage May 27, 2014 General

Five Daily Tips to Thrive TherapeuticallyPosted: 05/27/2014As the stress of work, family, relationships and personal obligations pile up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything that goes on in your daily life. Before you know it, you can get caught up in a vicious cycle of negative feelings, habits and attitudes.To keep your emotional and physical health grounded, it...

Gardening: Good for Your Soul, but Potentially Tough on Your Body

Elements Massage May 22, 2014 General

Gardening: Good for Your Soul, but Potentially Tough on Your BodyPosted: 05/20/2014After being cooped up inside after the long winter months, May most often signals longer hours of sunlight, warmer temperatures and the kickoff to gardening season.Before rolling up your sleeves and digging your hands into the fresh spring soil, the following tips can help you prepare your mind...

Wellness News

May 12, 2014 General

Soothe Mom, Baby with Relaxing Prenatal MassagePosted: 04/29/2014Pregnancies can be a wonderful, life-changing experience for both parents.  But the process of growing a healthy baby can put a lot of stress on a mother’s mind and body. And if a mother is stressed out or is feeling physically tense during a pregnancy, the baby can be directly affected by the emotions...

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