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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
Elements Massage 92 South Main Street, Route 114
Middleton, MA   01949
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92 South Main Street
Route 114
Middleton, MA 01949

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Words of Wellness / Health

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Elements Massage Mar 7, 2017 Health

How to Fight Against Inflammation  Mar 2, 2017  Body inflammation is getting a lot of press these days, with plenty of talk about anti-inflammatory diets and medications.  What is inflammation?  Doesn’t everyone’s body become inflamed at some point?  Should you be worried about it?   To put it the most simply: inflammation...

Elements Massage Feb 13, 2017 Health

How A Couples Massage Says "I Love You"     “It’s his smile that made me first notice him.”  “Her eyes drew me in right away.” “I fell in love with his kindness and sense of humor.”   Every couple has their own “I knew it when . . . “ story.    You know...

Elements Massage Jan 3, 2017 Health

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Massage This Winter  Dec 28, 2016  16   Yes, you’re busy.  And yes, you just spent a ton of money on the holidays.  And yes the thought of bundling up just to head someplace where you’ll take your clothes off may make you want to stay bundled up on your sofa.  However, we happen to believe...

Elements Massage. Sep 30, 2016 Health

Can a Single Massage Cure Your Stiff Muscles?   Sep 27, 2016  11   Ouch.  You’ve majorly pulled a hamstring, and are limping around like Quasimodo, popping ibuprofen and sitting on as many ice packs as you’ve got in your freezer.  Craving relief, you decide to call your massage therapist, because surely a massage...

Elements Massage Sep 23, 2016 Health

Common Questions You Might Have About Your Next Massage  Sep 20, 2016  15   With massages, perhaps more so than with other wellness practices, issues of etiquette take a front seat.  There is an unspoken level of intimacy that is inherent with receiving a massage that brings up some questions that are unique to massage.  Because we want...

Elements Massage Sep 9, 2016 Health

How to Know if Deep Tissue Massage is Right for You  Aug 30, 2016  127   Have you ever gone to make an appointment for a massage, and found yourself a little perplexed at the different options available?  Shiatsu?  Hot stone?  Swedish?  What in the world??  We get it.  It can be hard to decipher the difference between...

Elements Massage Aug 30, 2016 Health

BLOG Benefits Of a Personalized Massage Experience  Aug 10, 2016  81 You know that feeling you get when someone really knows you?  You don’t have to explain, you don’t have to provide endless background information, and you can just enjoy the relationship that you’ve established.  It’s pretty great, right?  We...

Elements Massage Jul 12, 2016 Health

BLOG Neck and Back Pain from Sitting at a Desk All Day: Massage Will Help  Jul 6, 2016  AddThis Sharing Buttons   Does your Monday through Friday world consist of a desk, a phone, a computer, and a well-used chair? When you get out of your office chair at the end of a long day, do you feel as sore and tired as if you’ve just played...

Elements Massage Jun 14, 2016 Health

Does Aromatherapy Really Work?  May 31, 2016  AddThis Sharing Buttons   So what’s the deal with aromatherapy?  Does aromatherapy actually work? You’ve purchased some lavender-scented hand soap and citrus body lotion, and you’ve notice that certain smells can make you feel relaxed and happy, while others can instantly bring...

Elements Massage Feb 16, 2015 Health

As we shovel through this winter season, we are continuously reminded how to stay safe while working in snow and icy conditions.

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