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201 E Central Texas Expressway
Suite #670
Harker Heights, TX 76548

Unlock Your Knots With Trigger Point Massage in Harker Heights, TX

The body is a matrix of intertwined muscles, joints and tendons. Trigger point therapy taps into the body’s internal web of muscles and tissues to unlock common chronic and injury-related pains caused by tension and stress. Doing continuous movement can irritate tissue, which over time can lead to the development of trigger points. Ultimately, when tissues remain in a contracted state for long periods of time they can harden and create little nodules that massage therapists can pulsate and feel for during a trigger point massage. Trigger point therapy helps reduce pain, relieve tension and promote a better range of motion. It’s a great tool for many to unlock an area, but it’s also great to increase circulation and help muscles regain full function.

Why is trigger point therapy right for me?

Normal people living everyday lives can benefit from the relief provided through trigger point release. Performing simple activities like driving in your car for extended periods of time or overdoing it in your daily workout can cause strain and promote the buildup of stress and tension in your muscles. Many people have the misconception that clients who get trigger point massage need to endure high levels of pain and be sore for days following the massage in order for it to be beneficial. In reality, though, the purpose of trigger point therapy is not to provide more pain, but to rather help reduce pain and heal injuries.

For the most effective and enjoyable trigger point massage therapy session, some massage therapists like to mix in Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, so clients can enjoy the relaxation of the massage experience coupled with some of the rehabilitative benefits that trigger point can provide.

Some of the main benefits of trigger point therapy.

Myofascial trigger point therapy can be very effective for treating many common muscular conditions and injuries such as:

· Sciatica pain that can affect the lower back, glutes, legs and feet

· Plantar fasciitis

· Shin splints

· Migraines

· Computer shoulder

· Chronic pain in joints such as stiff neck and back

· Rotator cuff injuries and/or immobility

The first step is to find a skilled massage therapist and slowly work this into your massage sessions. When approached properly, trigger point massage is a great way for massage to help you relieve pain.

Let's start your trigger point therapy today!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a few minutes for you and book your Elements Massage Market Heights trigger point therapy today. When you call, be sure to ask about our Elements Wellness Program™, a low-risk, month-to-month membership that grants clients one massage session per month at a discounted rate.

The Elements Wellness Program™ is unique in the industry because it follows The Elements Way®. From the moment you book your massage all the way through your massage experience, The Elements Way® means you receive personalized service to ensure the best possible therapeutic experience.

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