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How Massage Supports Emotional Health

How Massage Supports Emotional Health

Elements Massage Goodyear

Regardless of what type of massage modality you prefer, all techniques have one thing in common: they provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience that promotes stress relief.

Several ways massage goes beyond physical well-being and nurtures the emotional self includes:

Promote Energy Levels
Feeling overburdened or fatigued can make you feel stuck in an energy-less rut. It can negatively impact your mood and hinder your ability to enjoy life. With massage, the brisk movements along with the stroking motions and applications of pressure can invoke new energy supplies, helping boost mental acuity, and the fine-tuning your ability to concentrate.

Reduce Anxiety
Regular massage sessions or even one-off visits can help reduce anxiety and stress levels. This can lower blood pressure and heart rate while alleviating symptoms of fear and anticipation. Once these aspects are removed, you can concentrate on feeling more grounded and present.

Better Mood
Just like exercise, a good massage can boost your body’s natural supply of feel-good hormones including serotonin and dopamine. This can encourage a better mood and a clearer mindset. Another benefit from manual manipulation of the body’s muscles is that massage can reduce feelings of pain, which in turn, can provide relief to boost your outlook on life.

Everyone needs a little TLC every now and again and massage is a great way to remind yourself that you deserve attention and relaxation. Feel stuck and don’t know how to support yourself with intentionality? Try a massage.

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