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Massage: techniques and effects

Massage: techniques and effects

From a simple massage to a more rigid, the body reacts differently to the numerous and complex mechanisms. Results will vary depending on the type of action used in the massage.

The main techniques of massage

1. Stroking it is easy and rhythmic slide reminiscent prilaskovanie. It can be performed both by hand and the back side of one or two hands, the pressure depends on the depth of tissue.
The meaning is stroking the venous circulation and the lymphatic system (from the periphery to the center) and the speed of movement should be slightly higher than the rate of blood. Practiced before and after the other massage techniques.

The effects of stroking technique:
  • activating blood circulation in the capillaries and veins in the superficial lymph and lymphatic channels in the intercellular spaces;
  • relief of pain and muscle tension;
  • activating the exchange of nutrients;
  • massive stimulation functions of tissues;

2. Trituration intended in particular the subcutaneous tissue, which pressing is moved linearly or circularly, the limit of elasticity of the skin. Mobilization of tissue implemented:
  • increase flexibility and elasticity;
  • activating blood circulation, local heating;
  • loss of local sensitivities;
  • stimulation of the central and peripheral nervous system;
  • regeneration of damaged tissues;

3. Kneading is done, hand in muscle and other tissues, pulling them so far as the skin's elasticity and compression between the fingers and palm. This massage technique is provided for deep tissue and muscles, chastnosti.Ona is also very useful in the treatment of muscle atrophy and muscle disease, as well as massage to athletes, especially after prolonged exercise. The main effects of this technique:
  • development of elasticity;
  • contractility stimulation, muscle conductivity and sensitivity;
  • exemption from debris;
  • increased blood and lymphatic drainage;

4. Knocking is a rhythmic tapping and skin and soft tissues of the body and is the most intense and sensitive process.
Runs his fingers, palms or fists. The intensity depends on the weight of the hand, rather than by active contraction of muscles, arms fall gently and passively dvigayasot wrist or elbow. The main action is sensual, because of what the technique is done after all other techniques. The effects of massage techniques:
  • increased muscle tone and local contraction;
  • stimulation of blood circulation, local heating;
  • stimulation of the musculoskeletal system;

5. Vibration is the rhythmic movement and vibration performed very often and preryvisto.Realizuet move a few millimeters of skin and tissue, a variety of wavy pinned down like a continuous drozh.Sleduet of rapid muscle contractions of hands, forearms and hands. Gentle action, uniform and long, reduce the sensitivity of the nerves, warm-up, relaxation, tranquility and relief. Extensive and intensive actions lead to good circulation.
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