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Up Your Quality of Life

Up Your Quality of Life

Elements Massage Chandler Village

Current research shows that unhealthy stress levels can take a toll on your mind and body. It seems as if every other day there’s a newspaper article confirming your doctor’s information that chronic stress and anxiety can cause complications in regards to your overall wellbeing. What is more difficult to find is how you should address stress factors in your life to achieve a better balance and overall improvement to how you feel while navigating life’s daily challenges.

In our modern world, it’s easy to be overloaded with responsibilities that keep you connected to evolving technology and always on the go. To up your quality of life, here are a few stress relief tips for a contemporary lifestyle:

Get Outside
However you can, at Elements Chandler Village, we recommend that you get out into nature and get active. A walk, a hike, a jog, a long stroll, it’s less about the exercise and more about the unfettered brain time, fresh air, and boost to your creative brain by taking the time to get away.

Learn Something New
Pick something that has always interested you and find a way to pursue it. Whether it’s a language class, learning a new skill, cooking with unfamiliar ingredients, trying out a new activity, your brain is happy with the presentation of challenge and it can be incredibly satisfying to nurture your own growth through the knowledge of something new.

Another great practice to help boost how you feel is to unplug and take a technology break. To do this, set a specific time period each day that you refrain from using your phone, computer, television, or other device and schedule a timeout from all of the electronic stimulation. Instead, look to reconnect with a friend or family member.

The Art of Conversation
Socialization is an enjoyable way to relieve stress and connecting with other humans is paramount to feeling that sense of belonging. Setting up visits with friends and making plans to do things together can give you the time necessary to catch up and nurture your meaningful relationships.

Self Nurture
Taking the proper steps to ensure your give time, attention, and kindness towards yourself is also important. This can be by eating healthy, getting good exercise, scheduling regular massage sessions, or by giving self-praise for the things you do well. Being gentle with yourself and self-nurturing can really boost your whole mindset about both yourself and others. Give it a try!

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