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Spring Activities and Massage

Spring Activities and Massage

ELements Massage Chandler Village

This spring, Arizona boasts the best weather (until it gets a little too scorching) to get outdoors and get active. From hiking to biking, swimming to gardening and more, now is the season to get busy and enjoy all the perks that living in the Valley of the Sun has to offer. In order to keep you in your on-the-go lifestyle, massage is a key player in helping you recover from activities to set the stage for the next task at hand. Here’s how massage benefits you according to several popular outdoor activities.

With the flowers blooming and plants shooting up, you may need to get outside and do some yard work to address how your garden or landscaping looks. This may include mulching, watering, pruning, planting and more, all physical and labor intensive items that can leave you feeling stiff and achy. From your upper back and neck area to sore arms and legs, gardening can be hard work! This season, treat yourself right by seeking out a massage to address muscle aches to facilitate a quicker recovery so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Being surrounded by so many hiking options, it can be difficult even to make a decision about which trail to hit every weekend. One thing is for certain though, once you get done with a strenuous jaunt in the desert, your legs are tired and with acute muscle soreness and delayed onset muscle soreness, you will want to take proper measures to keep your body both mobile and flexible. Massage can help work out the lactic acid buildup that accumulates in your muscles after rigorous activity. With hiking, this is usually in the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

Another excellent outdoor activity, whether you hit a steep mountain trail on a mountain bike or prefer to go the smoother ride with a long road bike ride, biking is a wonderful way to accomplish miles of fun. Once you are out of the saddle though, properly treating your legs and back area with a massage can help keep you limber and rid your body of any aches and pains so you can hop back on and ride more!


These two specialty sports can cause injuries in the elbow areas due to the strain each swing places on your body. Massage is a great way to take care of stiff joints, increase mobility, and remove any toxins from your body so you can stay on top of your game. Talk to one of our professional massage therapists about addressing your individual needs.

This season, head outdoors and do the hard work knowing that a Elements Chandler Village, we are standing by to help reward you with a truly therapeutic experience. 

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