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Sports Massage and Why It’s a Go!

Sports Massage and Why It’s a Go!

Elements Massage Chandler Village

Sports Massage has many benefits that can help keep you in whatever game you play, feeling and moving at your best. Although typically marketed to athletes, sports massage can be a great way to treat any aches or pains that arise from regular weekly activities. One thing that is specific to this type of massage, is that focus is given more to areas of your body that are taxed, stressed, injured, or overused the most.  Whether training for a marathon, attending weekly classes at the gym, or participating in your company’s after-work social team, sports massage gives attention to the muscle groups that need it most.


After working out, your muscles constrict and shorten in response to hard training and activity. This means that your muscle fibers suffer very small tears, which is why you get stiff or sore. Without proper recovery, including stretching and massage therapy, your muscles can increasingly become contracted and inflexible contributing to a series of lifelong aches and pains. Not to mention, you can put yourself at risk for creating new injuries if your body is trying to overcompensate for muscles that need a rest.


During a sports massage, muscle tissues are stretched to improve overall flexibility. Blood circulation is stimulated to aid muscles tissue in quicker recovery times, and with your muscles recovering faster, your body heals and is able to achieve relief from tendinitis, planter fasciitis, strains, and more. Sports massage is gaining popularity as more people realize the benefits of including massage into their training regimens. Additionally, many people are beginning to notice that massage can help them improve their performance by strengthening their mind and body connection. Come talk to a professional at Elements Massage Chandler Village about your regular activities and see if sports massage is right for you.


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