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Massage for Senior Citizens

Massage for Senior Citizens

Elements Massage Chandler Village

The therapeutic benefits of massage are not limited by age. In fact, the powers of massage deliver a wide variety of health stoking benefits. When it comes to the elderly population, massage can encourage both physical and mental benefits and as a holistic approach to wellness, it is garnering more attention for its ability to drastically improve lives.

Here’s a bit more on why it works:

  • Stimulation
    The application of touch, pressure, and movement received in a massage can boost the body’s circulatory system and stimulate an increase in lymph and blood movement throughout the body. This can aid in the relaxation of tired muscles and in the re-energizing of the body.
  • Sleep
    The relaxing powers of massage can induce a deep sense of calm in the central nervous system, which can improve the quality of sleep. This grants the body a better opportunity to repair itself and is a good contributor to better health and wellness.
  • Touch
    The interactive powers of human touch can foster a sense of belonging and connectedness, an imperative for senior citizens that can often feel cast aside. By working with a professional massage therapist, massage is an excellent tool to ground a physical presence while promoting a vibrant connection to society.

At Elements Massage Chandler Village, we’d love the opportunity to bring routine and community to the elderly in your life!



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