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Laying it out on the Table: Five Things to Remember During Your Next Massage

Laying it out on the Table: Five Things to Remember During Your Next Massage

Elements Massage Chandler Village

Part of the relaxation of a massage is getting to think about, well, nothingand we wouldnt dare take those precious moments of mental respite away from you. Even still, the occasional worry may pop into your mind while youre in the middle of your rubdown. Here are five things to remember during your next massage that can send those pesky worries far, far away:

1. Clothing is Optional

Whether or not you chose to go au naturel for your massage, theres no need to feel self-conscious. Your massage therapist is perfectly accustomed to either preference and trained to provide the best massage possible in either case.

2. Breathe

Often timesand without realizing itwe hold our breath when our massage therapist is working on a particularly tough area. During these times, it is essential that you remember to continue to breathe evenly. Your continued breathing will oxygenate your blood and nourish the area being worked on, thereby allowing it to heal more effectively.

3. Speak Up

Of course, if your massage therapist is applying too much pressure and causing you pain, dont hesitate to let him or her know. Speaking up to inform your massage therapist about what helps, what doesnt, and what areas need the most work is not frowned upon, but encouraged.

4. Gas Happens

If, in your state of massage-induced relaxation, you realize that youve let one slip, dont feel embarrassed! Youve become relaxed enough to let your guard down, which is a good thing! Your massage therapist knows to expect a little gas, anyway, as it is a common effect of a good massage.

5. Leg Hair, Dont Care

If it occurs to you mid-massage that you forgot to shave your legs beforehand, dont worry! Your massage therapist isnt fazed by your leg-hair, and he or she certainly wont look down on you for skipping your morning shave.

During your next massage, dont let little worries steal your relaxation. Allowing yourself to be comfortable in your own skin can help you to de-stress and better enjoy your session.

The talented massage therapists at Elements Massage make your comfort their priority. Schedule your next appointment by calling (480) 917-4880.

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