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Investigating Muscle Knots

Investigating Muscle Knots

Elements Massage Chandler Village

Bodily aches and pains come in many different forms. One recurring issue our experienced team of massage therapists deals with frequently is muscle knots and areas of tension. That familiar sensation of a twinge of pain or stiffness happens to almost everyone but how you take care of it can make a difference in whether it turns into a full on muscle knot or else works itself out.

Muscle Knots Explained
Trigger Point is another name for the condition when your muscles have balled together and is responsible for myofascial pain. When your body is fatigued from use, strain, or injury, your muscles can swell and harden. This frequently occurs in the upper neck, back, and shoulder area.

When you visit our studio, one of our talented team members can help stretch out and relax any areas of tightened muscle fibers and knots. Since muscle tissue runs in many different directions, it takes a firm amount of pressure and movement to aid in getting one of these trigger point areas to release.

Loss of Mobility and Flexibility
If you do not treat knots, it’s possible that you will notice a decrease in range of motion, flexibility, and even mobility. This means that it will be harder to do what you want to do without professional treatment. It’s important to restore elasticity and keep proper posture to ensure health and wellness.

To avoid getting knots in the first place, self-care is key in keeping yourself in good shape. This means proper diet and hydration practices as well as a solid exercise routine. If you work at a computer, set a timer on your phone to take frequent breaks and walk around your building to avoid holding your body in one position too long.

If it’s too late for you and you already have muscle knots, we encourage you to take a break from the computer work or activity responsible for causing the pain and tightness and seeking out massage for help breaking up adhesions. You too can achieve relief from the pain that can accompany muscle knots!

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