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Craniosacral Therapy: Explained

Craniosacral Therapy: Explained

Elements Massage Chandler Village


Although craniosacral therapy has a rather dense and intimidating name, it is anything but. It’s actually a type of massage bodywork that pays special attention to the sacrum, spinal column, and the bones in your head including your cranium and jawbones. With its gentle approach, this form of massage seeks to release and relieve pain and dysfunction. Plus, it’s also an excellent mode of massage to alleviate stress! Think about how often you clench your jaw when feeling overwhelmed!


How It Works

Your brain exerts such a strong influence over your body and when combined with your spinal cord, make up the majority of your central nervous system. What happens during daily life is that you frequently place stress, unknowingly, on your craniosacral system through movements, exercise, posture, and sleeping positions. These strains force your body’s muscles to tighten with tension and thus distort how effective your craniosacral system functions, which can result in an inhibited central nervous system.


With a light touch from a massage therapist during a craniosacral session, the cerebrospinal fluid that protects the brain and spinal cord is freed from tension to find its natural motion. Regular craniosacral massage sessions actually can boost your body’s ability to self-correct! This type of massage is known to address a wide variety of issues like:

-Migraines and Headaches

-Stress and Tension-Related problems

-Orthopedic Issues

-Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

-Chronic Fatigue

-Emotional Difficulties

-Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Craniosacral therapy is an excellent way to restore the natural position of your body’s bones and to encourage the natural flow of your craniosacral fluids, maximizing the function of your central nervous system and enabling you to feel your best! Contact Elements Massage Chandler Village to discuss your massage needs today!

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