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Boost Your Blood Flow with Massage

Boost Your Blood Flow with Massage

Elements Massage Chandler Village


There are many different benefits to incorporating massage treatments into your health and wellness routine. Massage is a great way to relax, address an injury, or help alleviate aches and pains. It can even help you sleep better, reduce chronic headaches, and heighten your ability to focus. Did you know that massage therapy can also improve circulation for both your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems?

How Circulation Works

Your body has two systems that work together to help rid it of toxins and waste build-up: the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. First, blood moves away from your heart throughout your body into your muscles and tissues where it deposits nutrients. In exchange, this blood then takes the waste, which is called lymph, and transports it to deposit at your lymph nodes, like a wastebasket, before returning to your bloodstream.

This trading off is how your body works to eliminate toxic buildup in the blood and it’s incredibly important in supporting your ability to fight off illness. In fact, if your circulatory system isn’t functioning properly it can cause many health issues like kidney disease, diabetes, the flu, or muscle stiffness/pain.

How Massage Helps

Through applied pressure and varied movements received in massage, your body ‘s blood flow is increased which aids the functionality of lymph transfering system to help you feel your best. Several benefits of how massage helps are:

-Increased oxygenation of your blood
This means that your oxygen capacity is larger after receiving massage thereby allowing your body to move and process toxins quicker and more effectively

-Soothing the nervous system
Through massage, your body produces serotonin and endorphins that help you achieve a positive and balanced mind

-Aids in bodily repairs
When your soft tissues are overstressed, it’s easy to injure yourself. Massage can help bring blood to areas to help accelerate repair of muscle tissue so you can recover quicker and suffer fewer future injuries

As a form of drugless therapy, massage has lasting effects on the body by boosting the efficiency of its natural processes. To boost your blood flow, come in and talk to us at Elements Chandler Village!


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