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Meet Our Thousand Oaks Massage Therapists

At Elements Massage Westlake Village, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Zoiya  |  Lead Therapist

Education: UEI College - 720 hour course in Massage Therapy, National Certification in Hot Stone Massage

Places Lived: Southern California

Places Traveled: Various places throughout California, Washington, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and Colorado. Also Mexico and Canada.

My Dream Vacation: Greek Islands

Massage Modalities: Swedish, Firm Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports Massage, Trigger Point, Injuries, Myofascial Release, and Hot Stone.

Philosophy on Healing: It is a combination of total mind, body, and soul. I like that people leave a session with me feeling better than when they came in.

In my other life (before I found massage therapy) I was: Lost!

Kia  |  Massage Therapist

Education/Experience: 18 years experience as massage practitioner. Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Spiritual Healer, Reiki, National Certification in Hot Stone Massage

Places Lived: California

Places Traveled: Acapulco, Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona, and throughout California

My Dream Vacation: To go to a tropical island with clear blue waters, surrounded by high mountains. Also to see Mt. Everest, and visit Tibet, China, Hawaii, Peru, England, Greece, India, Brazil and Jerusalem.

Massage Modalities: Swedish, Firm Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Energy Work

Philosophy on Healing: Be present... Listen to your body, it is always talking to you. Be well, be whole and complete. As you allow things to shift and melt away, know that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Remember to relax, to breathe and enjoy the experience. Allow your whole body to enter a state of bliss...

In my other life (before I found massage therapy) I was: a Healer, a Nanny, a Pre-School teacher assistant, and worked for an insurance company.

Brian  |  Massage Therapist

 Education: Everest Collage 750hrs, Hot Stone certified

Places Lived: Thousand Oaks, Big Bear, Toronto, and Vancouver

Places Traveled: 48 States, Canada, Finland, Europe, China, Japan

My Dream Vacation: Going to Hawaii and learning new massage styles

Massage Modalities: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Geriatric, Lymphatic Drainage

Philosophy on Healing: You only have one body, so treat it right.

In my other life (before I found massage therapy): I played hockey and was about to go pro. I was badly injured and unable to continue playing. I found massage and physical therapy, which helped me get back on my feet. Now I give back and help those in need.

Sheri  |  Massage Therapist

Education/Experience: Bachelor of Science, Cal Poly S.L.O., over 800 hours of training at Kali Institute of Massage & Somatic Therapies in Ventura, CA

Places Lived: Arroyo Grande, Santa Rosa, Camarillo, CA

Places Traveled: Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Fiji

My Dream Vacation: To hike and explore countries rich in beauty, culture, and environment. To run marathons in other countries.

Massage Modalities: Swedish, Firm Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Russian Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Injuries, Cranial Sacral, Myofacial Therapy, Knowledge of National Association of Sports Medicine personal training, Restorative Exercise, and Mayan abdominal massage.

Philosophy on Healing: Enjoy life and smile! Exercise often and eat nutritious food. Seek the help of a professional body worker to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

In my other life (before I found massage therapy) I was: a landscape artist and aspiring artist

Roseline  |  Massage Therapist

Education/Experience:  Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, Certified Holistic Practitioner. 1350 Hours – National Holistic Institute (Studio City)

Places Lived: Oxnard, CA and Kenya, East Africa

Places Traveled: UK, Canada, Bahamas, Tanzania, and some of the United States

My Dream Vacation: Travel with family throughout Europe

Massage Modalities: Neuromuscular Release, Orthopedic Massage & Assessment, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofacial Therapy, Clinical Sports Massage, Lymph for Injuries, Swedish, Shiatsu, TMJ Dysfunction, Prenatal, Hot Stone, Stress/Pain Management.

Philosophy on Healing: To alleviate pain and Myofacial/Neuromuscular dysfunction through therapeutic massage, based on client’s issue.

In my other life (before I found massage therapy) I was: a banker, administrative assistant, owner iCommerce business

Justin W.  |  Massage Therapist

I was a baseball pitcher from Little League through high school, and I threw my arm out a lot, massage helped me recover on a daily basis. That’s what I bring to my clients: pain relief, increased functional movement, and injury prevention. Utilizing highly effective and efficient techniques I focus on the specific restrictions within your body. We target the problem areas with pinpoint accuracy, but in a way that is still within your comfort level.

Education: National Holistic Institute – 744 hours of massage education with over 64 hours of highly advanced continuing education from high caliber bodyworkers.

Modalities: Each session is different, as is each body part – some areas require one or more modalities, others may be something different. Your sessions may contain Trigger Point Therapy, Myofacial Release, Active & Passive movements, re-education stretches and postural corrections.

Specialties: Active-Isolated Stretching, Active & Passive Release, Post-Isometric Stretching, Diagnostics of functional movements, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Medical techniques for nerve pain, Postural Assessment & Re-education, Advanced Trigger Point Release

Hobbies: hiking, basketball, billiards, automobile customization, and drawing

Carol  |  Massage Therapist

My focus is on relieving chronic or temporary pain for those who have had a decreased range of motion, or are seeking therapy for an Injury or other condition.

Education: Ojai School of Massage, Thousand Oaks Healing Arts Institute, Certified Reiki Practitioner - International Center for Reiki Training

Massage Modalities: Swedish, Sports, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi

Specialties: Passive/Active Isometric stretching, Hot Stone, Reiki

Hobies: Small animal massage therapy, crafting, quiet time at home with Poops the Pug

Cynthia  |  Massage Therapist

I have been a massage therapist going on four years. I had a horse training business in Washington and my client's horse had issues performing in the arena - suffering injury upon injury. In order to help my clients and further my business, I began studying massage.

Education/Experience: 750 Hours, Everest College - Bremerton, WA

Massage Modalities: Swedish, Firm Swedish, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Shiatsu

Specialties: Elder care massage, Hot Stone, Equine Massage (Washington State)

Hobbies: Poetry, Horseback Riding/Training, Gardening, Roller Skating

Rachel  |  Massage Therapist

Education: Oregon School of Massage, Portland, OR; OHSU- Oncology Massage for those living with Cancer; Bachelor of Arts, foreign languages, Hunter College, NYC, NY

Places Lived: NYC, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon, California; Europe- Berlin, Germany

Places traveled: USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia,

My Dream Vacation: Visiting the Andes and the Tibet Plateau

Massage Modalities: Swedish, Firm Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Rehabilitative Massage, Stress/Pain Management, Hot Stone, Pre-and-post-natal, Oncology Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage for those living with Chronic and Serious Conditions such as Diabetes, MS, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Passive Isometric Stretching, Gluteal Work

Philosophy on Healing: I am honored to be able to help facilitate a person’s own ability to heal, by helping them make the connection between mind, body and soul

In my other life (before I was a Massage Therapist) I was: a teacher

Jasmine  |  Massage Therapist

Education: Over 750 hours of education at National Holistic Institute (NHI) 

Places Lived: Oakland, Emeryville, Long Beach, Lake Balboa

Places Traveled: Paris, Geneva, Switzerland, New York

My Dream Vacation: Italy =)

Modalities: Energy Work, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Swedish, Injury Rehab, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Thai, Relaxation 

Favorite Massage Modalities: I like to customize my session using a combination of my favorite modalities.

Philosphy on Healing: The human body is amazing, the body naturally heals itself when put in the right situations. 

In my other life (before I found massage therapy) I was: The brightest light of pure positive energy!