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Gabriel | Certified Massage Therapist

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy, Aveda Institute, Qi Gong Master, Reiki Master

Modality Specialties: Energy work/Qi Gong/Reiki, deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish

A good client for me is someone who is experiencing: Anyone who is seeking an authentic healing experience and wants to actively engage in their healing process to overcome challenges, or someone with pain and discomfort of the heart, mind, body, or soul. Anyone who is genuinely passionate about natural healing.

What makes my massage unique: With over a decade of experience in the Healing Arts, I have developed an integrated approach to holistic health and well-being by formulating my own style and system of therapy. Every session is personalized to each individual’s needs and can be tailored to address specific issues that one is facing. With the power of loving presence, mindful touch and healing hands, you will leave every session feeling restored, rejuvenated, and replenished.

What keeps me passionate about massage therapy: When my client is genuinely excited and passionate about the work that we do together. I love creating heart-centered healing partnerships with my clients where we can work together to create positive transformation in their lives. There is nothing more rewarding than a client coming back to see me with exciting news of their progress on their beautiful and sacred journey of healing. Life is meant to be filled with love and joy and massage therapy is but one medium through which this can be expressed and experienced.


Pressure Level: 3 to 4, Firm to Deep Pressure


Philosophy on healing: As you can tell, I am very passionate about holistic health and healing. Over the past decade, I have dedicated my time, energy, and resources to working with many renowned healers. It is from these years of arduous training that I gained my philosophy of healing. I have come to understand from my own healing process and by working with others that everything and anything can indeed be healed, and we as human beings can become whole again.

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