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Careers at Elements Massage™

Sales and Membership Coordinator


  • Assist with WMA recruiting & interviewing prospective candidates.  This includes, but is not limited to, behavioral assessment and skills assessment.

  • Responsible for training WMA’s in the areas of sales, customer service and  membership retention.

  • Coach and mentor WMA staff in sales, customer service and membership retention.

  • Conduct daily role playing with all team members to achieve results.

  • Lead regular skills training practice (sales objections, etc.)

  • In collaboration with WMA Operations Coordinator, conduct monthly WMA training sessions to build morale, develop employees and drive studio results.



  • Create a warm, inviting environment for our staff and our clients

  • Oversee all established processes at the front desk and provide suggestions for improvement.

  • Work closely with Lead Therapist to ensure the Elements Service Path is flawlessly executed to create a seamless client experience

  • Demonstrate competency and proficiency with MindBody and Intelli-Hub and verifying that all data is accurate in Intelli-Hub and Wellness Program Memberships are properly sold in MindBody.

  • Work with Studio Manager to implement and create programs to increase productivity and reach revenue goals on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis

  • Maintain current Wellness Program Membership list

  • Track Wellness Program direct debit information and follow-up with delinquent accounts following studio protocol.

  • Responsible for ensuring membership frequency is at 1x or better monthly.  This includes management of accrued sessions, rebooking rate, and contacting all clients that have 1 or more accrued sessions each month.

  • Communicate effectively with Studio Manager on all sales and membership issues.

  • Familiarize self and staff on changes and updates to minimize disruption.

  • Work with Studio Management Team (WMA Operations Coordinator, Lead Therapist, Manager and Owner) to implement and create programs to increase productivity and reach revenue goals on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

  • Ensure execution of exemplary customer service by front desk staff including working with Management Team to respond to customer complaints and questions.  Target response time is 24 hours from client inquiry.

  • Demonstrate proficiency with marketing tools such as Fetch Rev, Marketing Toolbox and Creative Services Request to assist with marketing efforts such as development of in-studio marketing materials, digital frame management and gift card merchandising.

  • Responsible for using Fetch Rev to communicate weekly appointment availability and special offers to keep the schedule full.  Additionally, assist with preparation of monthly newsletter, developing and implementation of monthly, quarterly and annual marketing plan.

  • Drive new client trial through regular updating of the BID Sandwich Board.  Messages need to be updated at least monthly if not more frequently.

  • Responsible for leading the design and implementation of window visual display to drive gift card sales, membership sales and client trial.

  • Maintain Yelp and Facebook pages in conjunction with outside agencies.  WMA Sales & Membership Coordinator must respond to all communication from social media channels in a timely fashion.  The target is 24 hours from client feedback posting.



  • Develop and encourage positive morale at the front desk and studio through maintaining an upbeat attitude at all times; responding timely to team members through coaching, training, positive reinforcement and developing tools the team needs to be successful.

  • Support manager by fully completing job responsibilities to create seamless operations and drive studio success.

  • Collaborate with Studio Manager to manage any outside events that are determined to benefit the studio.

  • Wellness Membership Associate Sales and Membership Coordinator is expected to be flexible with their schedule, be available when needed and help with anything that might benefit the sales of the studio.

  • Work with the WMA staff and Studio Manager to create sales contests for all WMA staff to ensure goals are consistently being hit and/or exceeded for the studio.

  • Responsible for preparing WMA payroll data semi-monthly:  ensuring accurate commission tracking.

  • Required to work at least one night and one weekend shift each week.  Flexibility in schedule is required as we need a management team member present during all hours of studio operation.

  • Assist with daily, weekly and monthly reporting needed by accountant.

  • Represent Elements Massage at external events as requested.

  • Other duties as assigned.

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