3 - 1 Hour Massage Sessions For $199

Summer gardening giving you a backache? Need a gift for Father's Day? Training for that 10K?  Elements Massage in Whitefish Bay, WI has "got your back". 

Choose from our Special Offers:

  • $199 for (3) Three 1-Hour Massage Sessions (Regular Price: $267)
  • $269 for (3) Three 90-Minute Massage Sessions (Regular Price: $357)

Therapeutic massage has been shown to have an enormous impact on wellness, promoting healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation by targeting certain areas of the body and applying different forms or types of touch and pressure.

At Elements Massage, our therapists deliver a customized therapeutic massage to best meet your needs. We blend techniques for a truly customized massage experience.

Offer Expires June 20, 2015

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Offer Expires June 20, 2015