Veteran's Day $49 1-Hour Massage Gift Card Special

Veteran's Day, NYPD, FDNY Gift Card Special

Veteran's Day $49 White Plains Massage Gift Card Special

FDNY PDNY Veterans Massage Special

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NYPD FDNY Veteran's Massage Special

Let's honor our veterans, police and fire officers by purchasing them a relaxing 1-hour massage gift card for just $49!

This November as we celebrate our thankfulness for so many things including family and freedom, allow us to demonstrate how thankful we are for the sacrifice of our veterans, police and fire officers to keep us safe. For November order gift cards for these men and women of service at a reduced rate of just $49 for a 1-hour massage, non-member and member alike. 

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*For new clients and members as well, savings off of regular walk-in rate. Each gift card final cost per 1-hour massage is $49, may not be combined with any other offer, gratuity additional. Gift card savings equals $50 for 1-hour massage.

Let's thank those who protect us this November with a relaxing massage at 50% off!

Fill out your information and we will call you to purchase your gift cards and obtain the recipient's contact information.

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