Time Out Tuesdays Massage Special. $50 Off for Seniors and Moms. New clients only.

Time Out Tuesdays


Time Out Tuesdays: $50 off regular price

Seniors, discover another simple pleasure…!

You’re a senior…You work part time, a few hours a week. You are constantly doing fix it jobs around the house. You grow some of your own herbs in your little garden. And on top of that, you even volunteer one evening a week to read to kids at the community library... You enjoy a short list of simple pleasures…It’s time to add to that list…          

Moms, it’s time to reenergize…!

You’re a mom…You get up early… get the kids to school and your husband off to work.  You feed the dog.  You load the dishwasher. You do some cleaning.  You walk the dog. You do the laundry. You do the grocery shopping.  You prepare dinner. You pick the kids up and drop them off to football practice and dance lessons…you’re the Energizer bunny mom… and now you need to reenergize!

Seniors & moms also have their share of emergencies, unexpected events and other life changes too numerous to mention. Seniors & moms you’ve made a lot of right choices. You've put a lot of "time in" already. Now you need a "time out." 

Seniors and Moms Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for the time you've put in making right choices, seniors & moms! Put yourself on time out with White Plains Elements Massage Time out Tuesdays! This is not your childhood time out for something you’ve done wrong, just the opposite…it’s because of all the right choices you’ve made, and all the mental and physical energy you’ve exerted to make them a reality. Make one more right choice and sign up for Time out Tuesdays massage special today. This will be the first time that you enjoy a “time out.” Time out Tuesdays massage specials will allow you seniors & moms to:

  • Discover another simple pleasure
  • Reenergize
  • Rejuvenate
  • Relax your mind
  • Recharge your body

Take advantage of our $49 special introductory rate for a Time out Tuesday massage!  That’s $50 off the regular price! (new clients only!)

The different types of massages that we offer include:


Save $50 off the Regular Price During our Time Out Tuesdays (seniors and moms: new clients only)

Use the form to let us know what Tuesday works for you concerning your next Time Out Tuesday Massage.

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