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Health Benefit of Hot Stones Massage

Health Benefit of Hot Stones Massage

Wendy McGrath

A hot stones massage is a massage using smooth, flat heated stones with well rounded edges. During the therapy they are placed at key pressure points in the body to provide optimum relaxation and relief. These stones open up the meridians and chakras energy pathways in the body.

Stones are generally made of basalt. Basalt stones have high heat retention capacity. Basalt being a volcanic stone, the mineral properties of basalt also has therapeutic qualities. The therapist generally starts off the massage with essential oils followed by the use of the stones. Stones are placed in water and heated up to 125 degree Fahrenheit or 52 degree Celsius before placing them on the body.

Benefits of Hot Stones Massage

Heated stones are used by the therapist prior to the actual massage to relax tightened muscles and prepare clients for a deep tissue conditioning experience. The pliability of the muscles make it easy for the therapist to maneuver the muscles and the tissues during the massage.

This type of massage can reduce hypertension and muscle spasms.

It brings utmost relaxation and alleviates stress.

It increases blood and lymph flow and improves blood circulation.

It increases bodily flexibility and helps to remove toxins from the body.

Chilled stones are also used for Cryotherapy. It is the process where inflamed and swollen muscles are treated with cold compress.

What are the health conditions that could benefit from this massage

Back Pain and Body Ache.

Stress related disorders due to anxiety and tension in lifestyle.

Osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Poor Circulation.

Sleep disorders and Insomnia

This particular massage is not recommended for certain groups of people given below:

Pregnant women unless the therapist is certified in pregnancy massage.

People with skin infections, allergies or open unhealed wounds.

People who have a history of blood clots.

Immediately post-surgery.

In cancer patients, undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments it would be advisable to seek the permission of the physician prior to the therapy.

Anybody who has undergone a recent fracture of any body part should also ask the physician before opting for it.


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