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Wendy McGrath Jun 12, 2013

What exactly is SOAP?

S.O.A.P notes are the most popular way to record massage session information. Many health care professionals use S.O.A.P notes. Massage therapists use this form to document information from the initial client interview. Then they update the information on a S.O.A.P note each session to show current client status.

S- Stands for Subjective and contains information the client told the therapist.

O- Is for Objective, information the therapist gathers is written here.

A- Is for Action and records what the therapist does during the session and the results.

P- Is for Plan for future sessions and suggestions given to the client.

The S.O.A.P note is an important part of treatment planning. It is a combination of client health history and consultation information. This record is used to devise a plan of action for the massage session. The information is reviewed with the client and if the client agrees then the plan is used. These records are included in the chart and kept up to date. This way the massage therapist can organize sessions to achieve better results for the client.

Most therapists include clients in treatment planning by sharing S.O.A.P note information with them. They are welcome to review session S.O.A.P notes and ask questions about the recorded information. This information is not shared with anybody except the client unless an appropriate medical release form is signed by the client. To explain further, S.O.A.P notes are legal documents and client confidentiality is legally upheld.

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