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Marianne | Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 3/3+

Hours: Saturdays

Education: NH Community Technical College - Nashua

Favorite Massage Modalities: Range of Motion, Reiki, Deep Tissue, Thai, Reflexology, Himalayan Salt Stones

Philosophy on Healing:

"In order to stay healthy of body and mind and spirit we would listen to what our bodies and mind is saying to us. If we have a pain and aches in our muscles, we could see a massage therapist for Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. That can help improve circulation, flexibility and improve range of motion. For mental stress related concerns, a Reflexology session or a Reiki energy balancing session is a good choice. I also recommend incorporating more than one style into a session for optimum benefits." 

Massage Style:

"I customize my style of Massage to the clients needs. Light massage for relaxation. Medium pressure for improving circulation and flexibility with light stretches and range of motion techniques. Deep tissue work in the muscles that are tight and overused. Lengthening tight muscles will improve circulation and breaks up adhesions. This improves flexibility and muscle performance."


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