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Therapist Thursdays- Massage has to hurt to do any good, right?

Katey Kinghorn Sep 9, 2013

The question asked: Massage has to hurt to do any good, right?

Hillary W- Of course not, massage should never be more painful than you can handle. Your massage should never be deeper than you can handle, otherwise your muscles wont be able to properly relax.

Fallon O- Personally, I do not think massage has to hurt to do any good but some clients only feel better if the massage does hurt. I think it all depends on the person and the style of massage they enjoy receiving.

Maureen O- No! A soothing, relaxing massage can do wonders to relieve stress and lower blood pressure and help clients "reset."

Bottom line, a massage never has to hurt to be beneficial for you. Whether you prefer a super deep tissue, or a nice swedish massage, it all depends on your own preference!


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