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Therapist Thursdays- How do you make someone who has never had a massage before more comfortable?

Katey Kinghorn Oct 3, 2013

The question of the week is geared towards those who may be weary of massage...

"How do you make someone who has never had a massage before more comfortable?"

Matt S: I usually explain the whole massage process and tell them that the only areas that are exposed are the ones I'm going to be working on, otherwise they are covered. I also have them take a few deep breaths and have them relax their muscles as much as possible. I also try and be as jovial and smile a lot and try to make them laugh, it makes the massage intake more personable.

Michelle W: Good communication between client and therapist are important, so I like to answer any questions that they may have. If you are specific as to what you are looking for during your session, such as any pain, whether you're there for relaxation and if something doesn't seem comfortable speak with your therapist. We are here for you and we will listen.

You should always feel 100% comfortable during your massage, so never be afraid to ask your therapist a question or bring up a concern. They're there to make sure you're relaxed and as comfortable as possible!

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