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Therapist Thursdays- How do I request a change in pressure without insulting the therapist?

Katey Kinghorn Aug 29, 2013

The question asked: How do I request a change in pressure without insulting the therapist?

Matt S.- In my opinion, the only way a client may insult the therapist is if they don't verbalize their preference for a desired pressure and then later complain that the pressure was too deep or too light. The best and easiest way to request a change in pressure is to just let the therapist know that the pressure they are currently using could be deeper or lighter. For instance, "Excuse me (therapist's name), could you please use more/less pressure?" If you like, you may add, "I could really use some deeper pressure in my lower back or lighter pressure in my arms, they're sensitive (or where ever you would like more or less pressure). As a therapist, my first and foremost duty is to make sure my client receives the desired pressure and that I address any area they would like me to focus on.

Kristine D.- The therapist should never be insulted in the first place if you ask for a pressure change! Since its your massage, we'd be more insulted if you didn't speak up about a change in pressure. We tailor the massage to the client, not to ourselves.

Danny P.- First and foremost, don't procrastinate. It is your massage and you should be in agreement with your therapist about the level of pressure. If your therapist hasn't "checked in" with you or perhaps has just gotten off task, you can simply remind him or her that the pressure is too great or too light. Remember, it is your massage and your therapist should be catering to your wishes. The therapist may suggest more or less pressure for an area, but you should be in agreement with the treatment.


Moral of the question, never be afraid to ask your therapist to adjust their pressure, they'll never be offended :-) Hope you enjoyed reading this weeks therapist thursday question!

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