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Therapist Thursdays - How will I feel after a massage?

Therapist Thursdays - How will I feel after a massage?

Katey Kinghorn

Oftentimes, those who haven't experienced a massage generally don't know what to expect after the session. So, this weeks Therapist Thursday question answers that with the help of the professionals who know exactly how someone should feel after!

Fallon O: It all depends on what the client comes in for. Some clients just want to come in and relax and distress, other clients come in because they feel like they need to get "beat up" and feel like the massage is more beneficial when you're sore. Either way, every client should leave feeling like they got the massage they came in for.

Gwen H: After a massage, you can expect to feel relaxed and relief from aches and pains. You may feel tired from being relaxed or you may be full of energy from pain relief: either way take/make time for yourself after a massage to let yourself relax in a stress free environment.

Ada M: Massage provides an opportunity to take a break from the stresses of life and to relax. You should feel stress free and much more at peace with yourself, your body needs to heal.

Stay relaxed and stress-free!

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