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Therapist Thursdays - How often should I get a massage?

Therapist Thursdays - How often should I get a massage?

Katey Kinghorn

Sometimes, people wonder how often they should get a massage to get the full benefits, so our Therapist Thursday question this week is "How often should I get a massage?"

Kristine D: How often you get a massage varies on the reason for receiving a massage. All massages have great health benefits. Getting massages regularly increases the benefits. If you are in chronic pain or have a special issue to address, you might need to come weekly (or even twice a week) until you feel better. Once you're feeling good, once a month is probably the minimum for maintaining the health of your tissue. If you start stretching the massages out too far, then your muscles can revert to their old patterns and you'll have to start all over again to restore their suppleness and pliancy. If you are looking to relieve stress, you might only need to go once a month. Listen to your body though, if you find yourself saying "I could really use a massage right now!" then it's time to get on your massage therapists schedule.

Hannah M: It is important to help your body maintain a relaxed, healthy state. Receiving bodywork at least once a month is a great way to relieve stress and feel your best. When your muscles are in crisis, it can help to receive massage more often such as once a week.

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