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Therapist Thursdays - How much anatomy do you need to know to be a good massage therapist?

Katey Kinghorn Nov 21, 2013

Ever wonder how much training a massage therapist has to go through to become licensed to practice? It may surprise some people at how extensive massage school courses can be, so this weeks question, "how much anatomy do you need to know to be a good massage therapist?"

Maureen O- "Having a thorough knowledge of both anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) is essential to being a good therapist. This information aids in giving the safest, most effective massage.

Danny P: Its important to understand the muscular and skeletal structure. Awareness of origins and insertions of the muscles to the skeleton makes it possible for the massage therapist to treat their clients appropriately. Without this knowledge, its impossible for the therapist to be effective.

Sharon D: A massage therapist needs to know several aspects of anatomy. Body planes, fascia, joints, kinesiology, lymph system, medical terms, wellness terms, muscles and their actions and the systems of the body to be able to effectively help their clients.

Massage therapists have to learn so much about the human body because it is their canvas to work on- having knowledge of both anatomy and physiology is extremely important for the simple fact that its their job to help heal bodies and make you feel your best!

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