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Nurturing our Mom's with Massage

Nurturing our Mom's with Massage

Joyce Westrich, LMT

Our mother's nurture us throughout our childhood.  Some of our fondest memories are of our mother's nurturing touch. Do mother's need nurturing, too?  Does a nurturing touch help our mother's age, feel loved in return, or even 'special'?  Yes, Yes and Yes! This is one of the reasons I love being a Massage Therapist - I know my compassionate and healing touch can nuture those who often need it most. 

Most people are aware of the physical benefits of massage – loosening up tightness, increasing circulation, relaxing over-taxed or strained muscles… the list can go on and on.  But what about the ‘emotional’ benefits of massage?  Are those important?  Or… is that just frivolous “Foo Foo” Massage? 

Consider this… We come into this world being touched.  There have been countless studies about touch-deprived children and the emotional development issues they encounter.  But what about as we age?  Is our need for touch any less? 

Dr. Barton Goldsmith claims that most adults today are ‘touch starved’.  This is disturbing as it’s through touch that we feel care and compassion.  Without feeling compassion and the care of another, we can become withdrawn, lonely and eventually even suffer from depression.   In a demanding, stressful world with 80 hour work weeks and digital interaction replacing personal interaction… this is a more prevalent problem than people realize.

Massage Therapists, however, realize it.  When a therapist's touch can convey their genuine care and compassion for their client, the client experiences first-hand the benefits of massage that go beyond the obvious physical improvements.   When this occurs, a therapist can feel a clients response to their nurturing touch in the muscles and tissues releasing on an emotional level in much the same way that they release physical tension… a sigh, laughter, or even tears.  In the safe, nurturing space of a therapy room, people are able to let down their defenses making these kind of emotional releases a common experience – and necessary for the client experiencing them.    

Massage is a nurturing and healing touch that relaxes, releases and can provide clients with the compassion that their busy world might just not allow time for.  Welcome that release, whether you are a busy mom or business woman, and accept it as your body’s way of finding balance and leading you to a higher state of health – emotionally and physically. 

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