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Von Karman Plaza (Walmart Center)


16525 Von Karman Ave
Suite e
Irvine, CA 92606

Mon - Sun 9am - 10pm

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Jay | Biography

Education: AOS holistic & business MGMT

Places Lived: Japan, Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, & Qatar

Places Traveled: France, Italy, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Singapore, Egypt, Guam, & Kenya

Dream Vacation: Backpacking through Europe

Favorite Massage Modalities: Deep Tissue

Philosophy on Healing: There is a widespread belief that deep tissue is supposed to be painful, it is simply not true. While we generally work at the higher end of the pressure scale, it is your scales not mine.

In  My Other Life (before I  found Massage Therapy) I  was.. Sergeant of Marines & Financial Planner

In My Free Time I Enjoy: Reading, spending time with my inner circle, & preparing dinner for friends & family

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