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16525 Von Karman Ave
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Irvine, CA 92606

Mon - Sun 9am - 10pm

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Carole | Biography

Education: Graduated from Institute for Holistic Studies in 1980

Places Lived: I grew up in Pacific Palisades, CA.  Lived in Santa Barbara CA, Montecito CA, Greece & Puerto Vallarta

Places Traveled: Greece, Italy, Poland & Mexico

Dream Vacation: Fiji

Favorite Massage Modalities: Energy & Intention

Philosophy on Healing: The body will try to heal itself naturally, I believe we need to help our bodies by consciously using positive thoughts & actions as well as removing toxins from our bodies.

In My Other Life (before I found Massage Therapy) I was... A volleyball player

In My Free Time Enjoy: What if free time?  I am a single mom with 2 teenagers!

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