Gift Cards starting at $59 for a 60 minute session

You probably already know the amazing benefits of getting a good therapeutic massage.  Chances are that there are people on your holiday shopping list who could use one, too, but would never buy one for themselves.

Maybe they think it’s too indulgent.  Maybe they think it doesn’t fit their lifestyle.  Maybe they just don’t know how amazing a truly customized massage can make you feel.

Fortunately, they have you in their lives.

You can buy a Massage Gift Card for $59 for a 55 minute session, or $89 for an 80 minute session at Elements Vienna.  Share the wellness this holiday season, and give a friend, family member or co-worker something special.

Fill out the form at right or call us at 703.865.7676 to take advantage of this great offer today.  Or pick up some gift cards the next time you’re in the studio.  You’ll even benefit from the additional inner peace that comes from being able to check people off your gift list.

Happy Holidays from Elements Vienna!

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