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Mindy (4) | Massage Therapist

Available Monday

Education: Guardian Massage and Reflexology Program

Places Lived: I was born and raised in the Royal Oak area and have resided in proximity my whole life.

Places Traveled: Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina,
Tennessee, and Texas, The Bahamas, Jamaica, and The Dominican

Dream Vacation: Bora Bora

Favorite Massage Modalities: Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and Stretching

I became a massage therapist because...?
I became a Massage Therapist because I acknowledged my spiritual calling to help individuals in need through a skill I knew I possessed. Throughout my life, my friends and family have always complained of body pain and not knowing how to prevent it. I was very familiar with the idea of massage, due to being a client myself, and offered to personally try and help them. The more I worked on a friend or family member the more I realized I could really make a difference. The benefits were mind blowing-
for both the client and myself. My mind felt a deep connection of knowing exactly what the present body needed to relieve the pain, as if their body was personally calling out to me. I continued to independently learn the basic anatomy of the human body through hands-on experience and knew I wanted to pursue the full education of it. I began Massage School in 2016 and with the teaching of the history behind massage therapy, anatomy, physiology, and a hands-on approach, I was fully convinced
this is what I was born to do. I continue to grow as a Massage Therapist every time I have the opportunity to help someone in need, and I plan to further my skill to all individuals that I come in contact with.


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