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Aurora at Tower & Hampden

SW Corner of Tower & Hampden

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3571 S Tower Rd
Ste A
Aurora, CO 80013

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

Laura | Therapist - Level 3

Available Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Education: Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado
Favorite Quote: 1) "Be the change in the world you want to see". 2) "It's not the critic who counts, but the man in the arena." T Roosevelt

Laura is proficient in Head, Jaw, Neck & Shoulders, Rotator Cuff, Upper & Lower Back, Abs, Glutes, Hips, Quads, Calf and Feet.

Her modalities include: TMJ, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish, and Sports Massage.

Her styles of massage are: Energy Work, Trauma, Flowing Strokes, Structural Strokes,

Stretching Techniques and Specific area focus.

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