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Massage offer three BIG benefits for summer athletes.

Massage offer three BIG benefits for summer athletes.

Nicole Origas

Massage offers 3 BIG benefits for summer athletes including reduced injury, quicker muscle recovery and improved performance. Brandi Schlossberg of Massage Magazine highlights these benefits in her recent article, "Athletic Performance: Can Massage Make a Difference?" (May 27 2015)

Reduced Injury: Keeping muscles flexible and running in optimum condition reduces the risk of injury and can help prevent injuries from becoming worse.

Quicker Muscle Recovery: Massage helps muscles recover from stress and work out more quickly. Massage speeds the muscles natural recovery process by both revitalizing the muscle as well as renewing them.

Improved Performance: Massage allows for athletes to have longer endurance and higher performance overall. Massage can provide for the ability to go the extra mile.


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