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Jessica | Biography

Education: Ashmead College- 2004

Specialties or Training:  Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Work, Site Specific Injury Work, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Migraine Therapy Infant Massage, Tui Na, Cupping and Aromatherapy

Favorite Massage Modalities: Deep Tissue, Site Specific Injury treatment, Trigger Point

Philosophy on Healing: The body is capable of great change naturally especially when the massage therapist and the client work together to maintain a consistent schedule to get the most optimal results

Exceptional Results:  A client came to me with severe PTSD from serving in Desert Storm/Shield. He had many triggers & rituals. I worked with him to make him feel comfortable and secure. His right side was badly damaged from artillary fire and he had terrible pain and very restricted ROM. Toward the end of his time with me, he could go back to leading his volunteer survival classes and climb easily into his truck. He stated that he trusted me and that I was what kept him moving!

Therapist of the week specialty: Site specific treatment work

License # MA00021493 

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